CLV - Desk Needle Threader - Purple

Clover Manufacturing Company Ltd SKU: CLV-4071


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Thread your needles quickly with the help of our Desk Needle Threader. For sewing and quilting needles.

Applicable Needles: Clover Needles (thickness: 0.51-0.89mm), works best with oval eye needles.

Available in 3 colors:

  • Art No.  4071 Desk Needle Threader (Purple)
  •  Art No. 4072 Desk Needle Threader (Green)
  •  Art No. 4073 Desk Needle Threader (Pink)

Recommended Needles:

  • Black Gold Hand Sewing Needles (Quilting Between)
  • Black Gold Hand Sewing Needles (Applique/Sharp)
  • Black Gold Hand Sewing Needles (Quilting)


  1. Insert the thread and hold it gently
  2. Insert the needle eye down into the needle hole
  3. Press the lever once (press the lever softly while holding the thread gently)
  4. Pull the needle
  5. Cut the thread

Cautions for use: 

  • Make sure the thread thickness is applicable to the size of the needle
  • When the thread is pushed through the eye of the needle with too much force, it may be damaged. In this case pull thread through the eye and cut off the damaged part
  • To store this product, remove needle


  • Body: Polycarbonate
  • Lever: ABS Resin