CLV - Air Erasable Marker - Thick - Purple

Clover Manufacturing Company Ltd SKU: CLV-5031


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Air erasable markers are great for planning sewing projects and on light and dark fabrics; giving you enough time to finalize the details. Ink provides a smooth silky ink flow. 
Markings naturally disappear in 2-7 days.

The time it takes for markings to disappear completely differs depending on the humidity, the temperature and the amount of ink on the fabric.

Available in three sizes

  • Extra Fine (Art. No. 5030)
  • Thick (Art. No. 5031) 
  • Fine with Eraser Pen (Art. No. 5032)


  • Avoid using this product on fabrics that cannot be washed with water
  • Be sure to test the marker first on a piece of the fabric to see whether the markings are removable. Check to see whether the markings have disappeared after the test fabric has dried completely, as markings may reappear after the washed fabric has dried.
  • Always remove markings before ironing fabric.
  • As the ink is translucent it is not suitable for dark colored fabrics.


  • Ink: Inorganic dye, surface-active agent, water
  • Body, cap: Polypropylene 
  • Core: Polyester
  • Pen Tip: Polyacetal