Welcome to Virtual Quilt Market

We at Global Artisans are pleased to welcome you to Virtual Quilt Market. For many years, we have been a fixture at the Market, and we are pleased to be exhibiting at this Virtual Edition.

We are pleased to introduce to you or newest configuration of House of Embroidery. Replacing the 5-Color and 10-Color collections - we present the 6-Color collection. Cost effective, better layout, and sure to be a customer pleaser.


During the year of lockdown -Richard has been working the local indoor Market in Canada. We've had the privilege of meeting a family from Sri Lanka with their absolutely wonderful product. We are very very pleased to introduce you to our latest line of products - Paper Feathers.

Paper Feathers are crafted in Sri Lanka from recycled newspaper wrapped around a metal structural support. They look amazingly similar to a painted wicker - at a fraction of the cost. From display pieces to functional pieces - these are just wonderful.