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FC - Bolgatanga Basket - Large U-Shopper

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Handmade in Ghana by a rural women's cooperative guided by Fair Trade policies, these market baskets from the Bolgatanga region of Ghana are’Çíë_very robust, comfortable to carry, and beautiful to boot!’Çíë_

This "U Shopper"’Çíë_has two leather handles, and is easy to’Çíë_carry around the house or around town. It’Çíë_will hold your favorite craft project, accompany you to the market, or collect your magazines.’Çíë_

This basket is woven with twisted elephant grass, dyed with colorfast dyes, and has two leather handles.’Çíë_

You can return this basket to its original shape’Çíë_it by getting it wet, gently reshaping it, and letting it dry.’Çíë_

This’Çíë_"U Shopper"’Çíë_is approximately 16.5" long, 10" wide, and 13" deep (from the bottom to the highest point).