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FAM - Applique Scissor Collection


Kit includes one of each:

  • 738P – EZ Stitch Snips: 
    our 4.5” EZ snip curved with micro serrated edge,
  • 748S – Mini Angled Machine Embroidery Scissors: 
    4.5” straight narrow blades with fine tips with offset handle to cut around the smallest stitch and hard to reach areas.
  • 711C – Curved Micro Tip Scissors: 
    4.5” Large ringed micro tip curved scissors for precise detail trimming,
  • 715 – Precision Fine Point Scissors: 
    4.5” straight trimmer for trimming excess fabrics,
  • 712D – Mini Duck Bill Applique Scissors: 
    the very popular 4.5” mini duckbill applique scissors with ½” duckbill, perfect for trimming close and making it possible to trim around edges with the greatest of ease.
  • 507 – Precision Angle Tweezers: 
    4.5” angled tweezers for all your thread picking needs.