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FAM - Embroidery Scissor Collection - Brown


Embroiderers, the Scissors Man has been hard at work at our factory. We have amazing new kits coming to our shores in a matter of weeks, if they have not already been delivered.

  Famore’s new embroidery kits come with 5 great tools. With the kit you get a mini in the hoop embroidery scissors. The handles on the scissors is curved so the hoop is no hurtle. Next the kit includes our 4 ½ inch trimming scissors. When you need to trim a couple of layers from your project these little scissors have the length and power to do so.

We have included with this kit our arrow points micro point scissors as well. If you are ever struggling to cut close in a tight corner, these scissors have you covered. Our arrow point scissors have large rings for your comfort.

No kit is complete without an EZ thread snip. Famore’s thread snip comes with a micro serrated edge, the first and only in the industry. Our snips will cut to the tip every time. The serration gives your snips and extra grip and ability to cut through thicker weights of thread.

Finally, but not least our multipurpose angle tweezers. These tweezers not only grab onto your smallest threads, it also works great for hot fixed crystals, as a stiletto and so much more.

Each Colored Embroidery Kit & Zipper Pouch comes with:

  • Silver Embroidery Kit & Zipper Pouch - (715, 748S, 711, 738P, 507) 
  • Blue Embroidery Kit & Zipper Pouch - (715, 748S, 711, 738P, 507)
  • Brown Gold Embroidery Zipper Pouch - (715, 748S, 711, 738P, 507) 
  • Green Embroidery Kit & Zipper Pouch - (715, 748S, 711, 738P, 507)