HOB - Perle 03 - 089A - Good On Black

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Hand-dyed from the highest quality cotton, Perle Cotton has a tighter twist than Stranded/Mouline, and a brighter sheen. Instead of separating into strands as one does with floss, you choose a weight according to how many strands you would use. if you are used to using:

One Strand of Floss - Perle 12
Two Strands of Floss - Perle 08
Four Strands of Floss - Perle 05
Six Strands of Floss - Perle 03

Length of thread on single cards:

Perle 03 - 8 Meters (8.75 Yards)
Perle 05 - 10 Meters (10.9 Yards)
Perle 08 - 15 Meters (16.4 Yards)

Material: 100% Cotton
Hand-Dyed in: South Africa
Producer: House of Embroidery