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Award winning fiber artist Sue Bleiweiss creates vibrant colorful and whimsical quilted fiber art collages using her own hand dyed cotton. She is the author of three books about the techniques she uses, written numerous magazine articles and has appeared on several TV programs. Sue's award winning quilts have been exhibited internationally and reside in private collections all over the world.

My embroidery designs are reproductions of my quilts that I have simplified into line drawings to create stitching lines.

My goal is to create imagery that makes you smile. Buildings and houses are one of my favorite subjects to work with because they're easily distorted to create a feeling of whimsy and fantasy while still appearing recognizable. My use of whimsy combined with imagery that is so closely associated with home, family and love serves two purposes; it triggers a feeling of joyful memories to those with a positive family upbringing while also creating a sense of freedom and escape for those who did not. Giving them a moment to create an alternative reality to the one they experienced.

Each design I create begins in the pages of my sketchbook where I make several small rough sketches of the imagery that I want to work with. My small sketches are re-drawn into full size cartoons that allow me to adjust the scale of the images before the actual construction of the piece begins.

I hope that you enjoy working with my embroidery designs and that the finished result brings you joy and makes you smile.

Available in 3 formats:

  1. Design Only Shipped
  2. Kit - Kit contains a Fat Quarter of Kona cotton, Sue Bleiweiss design, a 5-color collection of Perle #08 threads curated by Sue Bleiweiss, needle, transfer instructions and a guide of popular stitches for you to use.
  3. Download